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Teymur Pasha Khan - Sardar
1820 - 1895

Teymur Pasha Khan was born in Maku Iran in 1820.

He was the son of Ali Khan Sardar, grandson of Hossein Khan (Sardar and Governor of South Azerbaijan Iran) great grandson of Ahmad Sultan, and father of Morteza Gholi Khan (Eqbal al Saltaneh). He was instumental in keeping the peace, controlling and protecting the borders and agreements set in place between Russia, Turkey and Iran.

He was the most influential, powerful and wealthiest Khan in Iran in his time for which his rule and command was completely independant of the Shah (although throughout his military life he remained loyal to the Qajar's of Iran). He had more than 2,000 horseback cavalry and over 10,000 foot soldiers at his command. Teymur Pasha Khan, military title Sartip Aval, took part and won in a major significant battle against Sheikh Abidollah Kurd (who attacked Salmas and Orumiyeh), he became notorious and famous for his bravery. He also took part and won in another major battle in Mashad alongside Hessam al Saltaneh to gain independance for Herat in 1856. With Teymur's army and the help of Agha Mir Assadollah he also won the battle against Taher Khan Haidar Anlu (defender of Aland'Chalderan). After defeating Sheikh Abidollah, Taher Khan, and for his bravery and success in Herat, his power, leadership and dominance grew which put him in great favour with the Qajars and in particular with Nasser e Din Shah.

In the treaty of Gulistan (between Russia and Iran) Teymur was instrumental to help keep Maku and it's surrounding region and provinces as part of Iran and and not lose this land to Russia. As a result Teymur and his son Morteza Gholi Khan went to Teflis to visit Nasser e Din Shah who honoured Teymur with the title and rank of Amir Toman. As a symbol of his status Teymur started to build the Baghcheh Joogh palace in Maku for which after his death his son Morteza Gholi Khan finished the building in his honour.








Teymur Pasha Khan died at the age of 75 in 1895.